Karl's 40th Surprise Birthday Party

On August 13th, 2005 I held a surprise birthday party for Karl's 40th birthday which is actually on the 18th.  I told him that we were going to a family reunion.  When he stopped at my house to pick me up he had no idea that the house would be full of family and friends.  He was very surprised and in a state of shock for quite awhile.  He couldn't figure out where all the cars were since everyone had parked 1 block over.
We had a great turn out, beautiful weather, great food and lots of fun!

I think this picture was taken shortly after Karl arrived.


Karl and his wonderful surprise party planning extraordinaire girlfriend.


Lita is in green.  Glenda is in white.  They are sisters.  I work with both of them.
They are always fun to hang out with. Karl gave Lita 2 kittens from Caspers last litter.


Laurie is a co-worker that doesn't work in our building anymore so we were very happy to see her again.
She will go anywhere if my mom's sloppy joes are there.  :-)


My brother, Josh, and our dad, Jim - standing.  Also on the left is Tanya's son Alex then my sister Desiree.


My nephew, Tobie, and my brother's girlfriend, Liz.


My long time friends Ryan and Cortney.


Cortney and their new son, Grady.


This is my dad's wife, Dianna, and my mom, Rita.


Karl and Charley.  Charley is an old flyball friend that we've known for many years.
We use to all run on the Allstars flyball team together and now we are all running dogs on the Clever Canines.


Here is the flyball group.  Charley is running a dog on Brat Pack and Clever Canines.  Terry and Todd are on High Velocity.
So is Nancy.  And Cyndi and Joe.  Spice is now running on the Clever Canines.  Cyndi handled her at the last tournament.
Karl and I both run dogs on High Velocity and Clever Canines.


Karl's co-worker and friend, Jay.  My neighbors Alan and Diane.  And my mom's boyfriend, Tom.
You can see all of Karl's balloons in the background too.


Jay and his wife, Alison.  Diane too.  Also, it's a good shot of Karl's birthday banner.  Jay had to help me hang it up.
For some reason I thought I had double sided tape and couldn't understand why it wouldn't stay up
when I had stuck the tape to the banner and then tried to stick it to the wall.


I finally relaxed enough to eat!  I was very nervous about this party!


Here is some of the food that we had.  My brother-in-law Matt is filling up his plate. 
Also, here's a backside shot of Cortney and Ryan's daughter Elora.
She was being very gentle and proper with petting the dogs.
Thank you to everyone who brought food!  It was all very delicious!


Here is a picture of the cake.  It was chocolate with chocolate crème in the middle and chocolate frosting.
Karl likes chocolate so he got lots of it in his cake.  Dianna designed the flyball cake decorations and took care of the cake.  I didn't have to worry about it at all.


More food pics!  We had lots of desserts.


Karl got a bag full of dog goodies from most of the members of High Velocity.  Cyndi was explaining the contents of the bag.
It contained collars and leashes and clean up supplies and a water jug as well other miscellaneous things.


Karl is opening the gifts from Alan and Diane.


Karl got tomatoes from Alan and Diane (as well as a really neat t-shirt).
Later he also got some tomatoes from his sister's garden too.


Thank you for these pictures, Tanya!

Tanya has more pics and will send them to me once she gets them developed.  If anyone else has any other pics I will be more then happy to post them here as well.