Basement Remodel

First I removed the carpet.  It was originally tan and had gotten pretty dirty and stained.
There was no pad under it.  Just the cement floor.

Some parts of the floor were pretty gross looking.

It appeared that on some parts of the floor a tile had been glued down.
These are the black parts of the floor.

The walls were tan when I started out.

They matched the tan carpet.

I had to remove tack board that was nailed down to the cement.

Since the floor was going to be colored, the tan walls would not work any longer.
So I painted the walls white.  I thought it would brighten up the basement too.

Once the walls were painted white I realized that they were more white then the ceiling.

So I got to paint the ceiling too.

I bleached the floors twice to make sure they were very clean.

Then I painted the floor with floor paint.

It's a slate blue color.

Then I put down the flooring.

It's an anti-fatigue type of matting.

I also started hanging up some of our plaques and pictures.

I'd like to add shelves for our trophies too.

These are the crates where Karl's dogs stay when they are here.