2007 Dutch Shepherd Event
May 12 & 13 - Brighton, MI


Christie and Brass introduced Bonnie and Morgan

Bonnie talking about agility

Bonnie had everyone's attention

Morgan taking a jump

Morgan about to take the triple jump

Morgan's reward - tugging



Christie's Willow

Eric taking a picture of Willow

Everyone ready to watch the PSA demo



Our SAR Dutch Shepherds were not able to make it so Michelle and Ripley stepped in

They did a wonderful job - everyone enjoyed watching the demo and learned alot

Ripley loves doing SAR work - he even broke his vest on a tree branch



Cheryl and Lori gave a great presentation on the Service Dogs of America program

Lori worked Rush after the demo

Rush had time off from training to have a litter of puppies

She was thrilled to be able to do bitework again

Rush is a blue Dutch Shepherd


Police Dog Demo

This is Morgan

Richard did a very informative demo

Morgan found a screwdriver and a gun that were "lost" in the grass

Morgan doing a bark and hold

Morgan did a chase where he was called off the decoy

Then he did another where he was able to bite the decoy

Morgan and Richard and the Jared



Spectators for the Schutzhund demo

Christie explained Schutzhund to everyone
Melissa and Heather worked their Dutch Shepherds

Melissa's dog did the down while Heather and Vada demonstrated the other Schutzhund II obedience exercises

Setting up for the stand in motion - beautiful park!

Vada retrieving the dumbbell

Vada did the Schutzhund III protection routine

She had a blast

Jared did the helper work

More bitework

Catching Vada

Taking the stick

Setting up for the side transport

Side transport to the "judge"

Reporting out to the "judge" Sammy

Last bite for a reward after reporting out

Jared slipping the sleeve for Vada after her last reward bite




Thanks to Angie and Lee for letting us use your flyball box and jumps for the demo

We didn't have room in our van to bring one so we had to get creative
on how to keep it overnight and transport it

The angle of the box front worked well as a pillow too



This is Excess - one of the 2 puppies at the event

I was very happy to get a puppy fix



One of the pavilions had shirts and other things for sale as well as a raffle



Our campsite

We were camping out of season so it was pretty empty

We did have electricity and we found WiFi in the towns

Seven, Vada, Prozac and Rally's crates in the van

Fringe and Copper on the other side door

Sonic and Narc's crates in the back of the van

Our first 2 mile, 2 dogs per person at a time hike

Our 5 mile 4 dogs per person hike
Karl walking Narc, Sonic, Seven and Fringe

Me walking Vada, Rally, Prozac and Copper